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Last updated 14 Aug 2022
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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Narangba Eagles Football Club operates largely through volunteers from generous community-minded members.

Running a club of this size takes quite some effort and we rely upon the generosity of volunteers at all levels of the club in giving their time.

There will be many volunteering opportunities throughout the season - some that will only take an hour, others longer, so please help share the load where you can.

Volunteer levy

Each year, NEFC implements a $100 per year per family volunteer levy to encourage more involvement by members in the day-to-day running and activities required for the continued success of our club. 

The money raised by the levy is not used to fund club expenses. The levy is paid in addition to any player registration fees that may apply. An application for registration of a player will not be processed until all fees, including the levy, have been received. 

Each registering individual will only pay the levy once per year. Some families find it hard to contribute their time and if they are unable or choose not to contribute their time then the $100 will be retained by the club.
After each season, the Volunteer Levy Coordinator will communicate to members when the levy refund must be arranged by. Funds not reimbursed within this timeframe will be used by the club to lighten the load of the volunteer group.

Partial refunds will not apply where a person has generated less than the required number of points.

Levy points system - how does it work?

The volunteer levy works by way of a points system. Each individual needs to achieve 50 points, each family with 2 or more children needs to reach 70 points. 

Each piece of volunteer work will be worth a certain number of points as outlined below:

  • Team coach - 70 points
  • Team manager (junior competitive) – 70 points
  • Committee member – 70 points
  • Team manager (non-competitive) – 50 points
  • Fundraising event organiser (organise and run 1 event) - 50 points
  • Assist with junior carnival operations - 20 points
  • Game day supervisor – 10 points
  • Line marking – 10 points
  • Attend and contribute to working bees – 10 points (each meeting)
  • Bar/canteen assistant (per hour) – 10 points
  • Selling 1 box of fundraising chocolates – 5 points. 

Once you have achieved your points over the season, you will get a refund of the levy to the value of $100 per family. 

If a team has 2 coaches, the points are shared between the coaches. Assistant coaches may share the points with the coach, at the coach's discretion.   

What is not included towards the volunteer levy?

The Volunteer Levy refund does not apply for the following tasks:

  • Washing jerseys
  • Running lines
  • Second or third assistant coaches
  • Second or third assistant managers
  • Setting up or bringing down goals or flags
  • Providing half-time fruit at games
  • Ground official duties
  • Attending games or training, or providing lifts to or from games or training.

How do I volunteer?

At registration, you will have an opportunity to select the type of volunteer work you are interested in. 

The Volunteer Levy Coordinator will contact you throughout the season when volunteers are required for the selections you have chosen at registration.

If you did not select the volunteering option at registration, you can still get involved by contacting the Volunteer Levy Coordinator throughout the season, or keeping an eye on upcoming events, games or activities in the monthly newsletter or via social media. 

For more information on volunteering, or the levy, contact the Volunteer Levy Coordinator

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