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Last updated 8 Jun 2024
Field 1Open
Field 2 / NBRE Field (A, B, C, D & E)Open
Field 3 (F & G)Open


  1. July 2024

    1. Tue 02

      General Committee Meeting

      6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  2. September 2024

    1. Tue 03

      General Committee Meeting

      6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Season 2024 FAQs

We receive a significant amount of enquiries, especially during the registration period. To help with this, we have created a list of frequently asked questions and provided corresponding answers.

The club is largely run by a volunteer committee many of whom have full-time jobs and other commitments. Responding to queries can become very time consuming. As a result, we would appreciate it if you could read the below FAQs before emailing us.

If your question or query is not answered below, please email and we will attend to your enquiry as quickly as possible.

What is your contact number so I can call you?

We do not have a staffed office or general contact number. As a club largely run by volunteers, we also do not make our personal telephone numbers available. If you have a query that is not answered below, please email

My question is not answered below?

If you have a query that is not answered below, please email

I completed an Expression of Interest (EOI), do I need to do anything else?

Yes. The EOI was a means for us to stay in touch with you and let you know that registrations are now open. You will need to complete an online registration for Season 2024 on this website HERE and then pay your Football Australia / Football Queensland affiliation fees and insurance via Squadi HERE.

What ages/teams can I register for?

We cater for players of all ages from 3+ including our Little Eagles Kick-Off Program (3 - 5 year olds), MiniRoos (U6 - U12), Junior Competitive (U13 - U18) as well as Senior Competitive (FQPL) and Senior Social (Metro and Overs). For more information, head to the 'Football' tab in the main menu.

Why can’t I see the age group that I need to register in?

This is very likely because we’ve closed the age group as teams are full. Click on ‘Wait List’ in the registration portal and tell us a few details. We will then contact you directly. 

When can I register?

Registrations are open now. Head HERE to begin a registration.

How do I register?

For 2024, players (or parents/carers for players under 18) will need to complete TWO seperate registrations: ONE with us via this website and ONE with Football Queensland via Squadi. The latter is to cover Football Australia and Football Queensland affiliation fees plus insurance. Note: You do not need to register in PlayFootball.

Is there somebody that can help me with my Squadi registration?

You could try downloading THIS FILE in the first instance. If you still require assistance, please email

Who has to register?

Every player must be registered to play at Narangba Eagles FC. You must be 18 years old to complete a registration. If a player is not yet 18 years old, a parent or carer will need to register them.

How much are the fees and what is included?

The Narangba Eagles FC 2024 fees and inclusions can be found HEREOur strict 'No Pay, No Play' policy will continue in 2024. Players must have either paid in full or paid a minimum deposit and be on an approved Payment Plan for the balance before the dates advised by Narangba Eagles FC.

Is there a family discount?

Yes...and it's bigger than ever! When registering more than one family member on the same registration, a 7.5% discount will be applied.

Was there a compulsory Volunteer Levy?

Yes, there was in previous years. We have now removed this in order to bring our members a more competitive fee structure. We still require volunteers though and all help will be rewarded including our Coaches and Managers via our Kickbacks initiative.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A minimum deposit of 25% is required to secure registrations which can be paid using the features of the online system. Full fee payment or completion of a payment plan is due prior to participation in the first game of the season. Players must be financial with the club before playing.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, after you have paid the minimum deposit, you can request to enter into a payment plan. Completion of a payment plan is due prior to participation in the first game of the season. Players must be financial with the club before playing. For more details, please contact

Do you accept Fair Play vouchers?

Yes, we do! Please check your eligibility HERE. If you need assistance redeeming your voucher as part of your registration, please email

What nights do we train and when can we start training?

Teams can start training once players are registered AND insured. Teams must have an assigned coach, an approved training slot and must have approval from the club's Technical Team. Contact for more details.

Training nights will be determined by the club's Technical Director and/or coach once teams have been formed.

When is game day / when are matches played?

Little Eagles Kick-Off Program (U3 - U5)8am/9am Saturdays
MiniRoos (U6 - U12)8am - 1pm Saturdays (home and away U8+)
Juniors (U13) 9am - 2pm Sundays (home and away)
Juniors (U14 - U18) 9am - 2pm Sundays (home and away)
Men/Women Metro
Fri nights, Sat afternoons, Sat nights or Sun afternoons
FQPL Men/WomenFri nights, Sat afternoons, Sat nights or Sun afternoons
Over 30 Women/Over 35 MenFriday nights

I've paid my fees, when do I get the playing kit/uniform?

Game day jerseys, training jerseys, shorts and socks will be distributed by Team Managers prior to the start of the season. Players are required to wear their club training shirt to all training sessions. A club training shirt is included as part of the fees for 2024. If you require extras, they are available from our online shop.

Game day jerseys remain the property of Narangba Eagles FC and need to be kept in good condition. Team Managers will collect them at the end of the season.

Shin pads and football boots are compulsory for all training sessions and games.

What teams and competitions are available?

Please refer to the 'Football' tab in the main menu for more information.

Is there a Team Allocation Day?

Yes, we will notify you regarding the date of our Team Allocation Day (previously known as a Muster Day). This is when teams are formed, and Coaches/Managers assigned. 2024 Team Allocation Day is on February 17th.

When does the 2024 season start?

Depending on your age, the season begins on different dates.

Little Eagles Kick-Off Program (U3 - U5)
13 July - 31 August
MiniRoos (U6 - U12)
20 April - 7 September
Juniors (U13)
16 Feb - 30 August (Finals 6 & 13 September)
Juniors (U14 - U18)
9 March - 30 August (Finals 6 & 13 September)
Men/Women Metro
1 March - 16 August (Finals 23 & 30 August)
FQPL Men/Women
1 March - 23 August (Finals 6 & 13 September)
Over 30 Women/Over 35 Men
March/April TBC

Football Queensland's 2024 season calendar can be found HERE.

Are there trials?

Trials are held during December for our 'Select' teams - the highest level teams in U9 to U18. We may hold other trials or 'Come & Try' sessions, and these will be advertised.

What is a 'Select' Team?

Our 'Select' teams are considered the best team in each age group. The 'Select' teams will play at the highest level of competition that Narangba Eagles FC can access. All of our 'Select' teams are expected to train twice a week during the season.

Our U9 - U12 'Select' teams will play at Football Queensland's 'Kangaroo' level. Football Queensland also features 'Wallaby' and 'Quokka' levels below 'Kangaroo' level. If we encounter a large amount of strong, quality players during trials, we may feature more than one team at the highest level in certain age groups.

For our U13 - U18 players, our 'Select' teams will play either in the Metro Junior Leagues (MJL), Division 1 or the highest league possible for the ability of the group.

All junior competition teams (U13 - U18) will be placed at a level that continually challenges both the individual players and the team as a whole.

More information on our 'Select' teams can be found HERE

What age group do I register for/Can my child play in a different age group?

You register in the age group equivalent to the age a child will turn in that year. For example, if a child was born in 2012 and turns 12 in 2024, then you will register them in U12.

Players that are registered outside of their playing group may require Narangba Eagles FC to obtain special dispensation from Football Queensland. If registering outside your normal age group, you must advise why in your registration. 

Here is a guide for 2024:

Age GroupBirth Year

Little Eagles Kick-Off Program U3-U52019-2021
MiniRoos U62018
MiniRoos U72017
MiniRoos U82016
MiniRoos U92015
MiniRoos U102014
MiniRoos U112013
MiniRoos U122012
Junior Competitive U132011
Junior Competitive U142010
Junior Competitive U152009
Junior Competitive U162008
Junior Competitive U182006/2007

Men/Women FQPL/Metron/a

Over 30s Women1994 or prior
Over 35s Men1989 or prior
Over 45s Men1979 or prior

The playing (age) group says 'FULL'?

Only a certain number of positions are made available in each playing group. When that is reached, no further registrations can be taken for that playing group.

When I register, can I provide preferences such as what team my child plays in or training nights?

You can enter any preferences when registering. We will take these into consideration, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet your preferences.

Can I Coach or Manage my child's team?

Absolutely. To keep our fees as low as possible, we rely on a number of parents to step forward to be a Coach or Manager of some of our U6-U18 teams.

Coaches and Managers will be supported throughout the season including our Coaches and Managers Kickbacks initiative, access to free community coaching courses and support via the club's Technical Team. 

Please refer to our Coaches and Managers pages for more details.

Can I nominate to volunteer?

Of course! We'd love that. When you register, you can nominate for various categories of volunteers. We rely heavily on volunteers to support the club. This includes Coaches and Managers for most teams as well as various other tasks that are required to help keep the club running. Please reach out to if you can assist!

How do I know if my registration was successful?

You will receive a confirmation email if your registration is successful. Please check your spam or junk folder. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please contact us.

What happens next? Why hasn't someone contacted me about my registration?

You will receive further advice closer to our Team Allocation Day (previously known as a Muster Day). This is when teams are formed and coaches/managers assigned.

How do I stay connected and up-to-date?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, make sure to read club emails/enewsletters and come along to our committee meetings - all members are welcome!

Do you support the 'Protect Our Game' initiative?

We do. There is no room whatsoever for verbal, online or physical abuse at Narangba Eagles FC. For more details on the club's codes of conducts and Football Queensland's 'Protect Our Game' please head HERE

Is there a disciplinary policy?

Yes, we adhere to Football Queensland's Disciplinary Policy. Any player who receives a fine under this policy is responsible for the cost of the fine i.e. the club will pass on the invoice from Football Queensland to the player. The fine is payable within 7 days of the invoice being issued. Any fines outstanding at this time will enact the club's 'No Pay, No Play' policy. Should any player wish to appeal a fine or suspension to Football Queensland, they may do so at their own cost. In limited circumstances, and at the discretion of the Executive Committee, the club may pay a player's fine on their behalf. More details on Football Queensland's fines and penalties can be found HERE.

Do you have a wet weather policy and what happens when there's storms?

We sure do. We take the safety of our players and members very seriously. We also need to ensure the sustainability of our fields so that we can play on them for the duration of the season. Please head HERE for more information on the weather and how it could affect games/training. 

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