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Last updated 14 Aug 2022
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Player information

Whether you are at the start of your football career, play competitively or are wanting to keep up your fitness, Narangba Eagles FC has a team for you.

Season commencement

  • MiniRoos Kick Off Program (U3 – U5): 23 April – 24 June. 
  • MiniRoos (U6 – U12): 23 April – 10 September
  • Juniors (U13): Grading commences the weekend of 19/20 March
  • Juniors (U14 – U18): Grading commences from 18 March (U14) and the weekend of 19/20 March for the other grades
  • Men’s and Women’s Metro Leagues 3 and below: Grading commences the weekend of 19/20 March
  • FQPL5 and U23’s: 20 March

View the 2022 Competition Calendar for more information on when your season commences.

Team selection and placement

MiniRoos Kick-off (3 - 5 years old)

MiniRoos Kick-off is an in-house program run for our players aged between 3 and 5 years of age. The program runs every Saturday morning, from April to June. Sessions are typically held around 8am/9am. There are no team selections or placements for this group. 

More information on the Kick-off program here.

U6 - U12 MiniRoos and Metro U12-U14

Teams were selected at the Muster day on 12 February 2022. Training for all teams will start around the first week in March. Trials for NEFC's top teams occurred during November and December 2021, with some continuing in January/February 2022. Players who have been selected for NEFC top teams for 2022 do not need to attend Muster Day. 

More information on our MiniRoos and Metro teams here.

Metro North Juniors U13 - U18 

Training updates are shared on our social media pages and it is anticipated that training will start mid Feb/early March. We welcome all new and returning players to these training sessions where final teams will be formed for the 2022 season. 

More information on our Metro North Juniors teams here.

Senior Men and Women – FQPL 5/U23 and Metro North Teams

Training and team selection has commenced with training and team selection continuing in January 2022. Training updates are shared on our social media pages. 

More information on our senior teams here.

Over 35's Men's NSL League & Over 30's Women's Teams

Training commenced in mid-February 2022. Training updates will be shared on our social media pages.

More information on our senior teams here.


Age divisions

Age divisions are based on the year the player was born and as determined by Football Queensland and the Rules of the Game. For a player to play in a higher age division, where permitted within the Rules of the Game, will be at the discretion of the NEFC Technical Director and NEFC Coaches and when appropriate, through approval from Football Queensland.

Age division  
Birth year
U23For players born 1999, 2000, 2001 (or any other player as required born between 2002 – 2006)
U18For players born in 2004 and 2005 (or 2006 as required)
U16For players born 2006 (or 2007 as required)
Applications for exceptional circumstances on an individual basis for 2008 born female players only are permissible however approval is at the discretion of Football Queensland
U15For players born in 2007 (or 2008 as required)
U14For players born in 2008 (or 2009 as required)
For players born in 2008 and 2009 (females)
U13For players born in 2009 (or 2010 only if required due to team viability)
U12For players born in 2010
U11For players born in 2011
U10For players born in 2012
U9For players born in 2013
U8For players born in 2014
U7For players born in 2015
U6For players born in 2016


The uniform shop will be open regularly from mid-February until the start of the season and then by appointment only. Opening times will be published on our Facebook page and in newsletters. You can email the uniform shop for any enquiries or for updates on your purchases.

Club merchandise can be purchased via our online store.

Training wear

Players are required to wear the Club training shirt to all training sessions and when travelling to and from Friday night games. If you do not have a training shirt, it can be purchased from the online store

Shin pads and football boots are compulsory for all training sessions and games.

Game day uniforms

Prior to the start of the season, your team manager will distribute your game day kits which includes a jersey and socks. Shorts will need to be purchased for all players, except those registered for the MiniRoos Kick-off program. Kits will only be distributed to players who have paid registration fees. Players are encouraged to wear their Club training shirts when travelling to and from games. For all competitive teams (U13's and above), players are required to wear their 30th anniversary polo shirt to and from all games.


No Pay - No Play Policy

To play for the Eagles, the club operates on a ‘No Pay - No Play’ Policy. 

Player registration fees are due by the registration closing date prior to the start of each season. Once a player has registered and paid their fees, a portion of these fees are paid to governing associations. Once fees have been paid, the Club will approve your registration on Play Football to activate player insurance. 

If a player and/or parent or guardian has difficulty paying the total fee by the due date, please speak to the Treasurer about alternative payment arrangements. Any arrangements made with the player and/or parent or guardian must be adhered to. Any breach to this agreement will be deemed to come under the No Pay - No Play Policy. 

For any senior players who owe money to the club for other reasons, including Club fines, will be deemed to come under the No Pay - No Play Policy. For any invoices outstanding more than 30 days, the Club use a Debt Collection Agency. If your account is sent to the Debt Collector, it will incur a 20% fee that will be added to your account. 

Unregistered players (with outstanding fees)

Due to insurance considerations, uninsured players are not permitted to play or train with Narangba Eagles.


Any refunds of registration fees will be at the discretion of Narangba Eagles Football Club Committee.



Returning players registered with Play Football in 2021 are covered for insurance purposes until 6 February 2022, and then after they have paid season 2022 fees. 

All players (except MiniRoos Kick-Off) are insured when they have completed the registration process through Play Football and paid all registration fees in full prior to the commencement of the season.


Home game expectations

If your team plays the first or last game of the day, your team is responsible for setting up or packing up the field. This includes returning goals and flags to the Clubhouse. All players and parents can assist with this, not just the coach and manager.

Respect fields and equipment

All players and visitors are asked to respect our fields and equipment. Please ensure no climbing on goals or fences. All rubbish is to be placed in bins.

Change room etiquette

Change rooms, both home and away, must be left in a clean and tidy condition after training and games by any teams that use them. Under no circumstances is a team to leave the change room until the room has been cleaned. Respect not only our home change rooms, but other Club’s change rooms when playing away. Players must dislodge dirt and mud from their boots before they enter the change room. Coaches and managers must be conscious of their responsibility in this regard. Any team negligent in leaving the facilities clean after they have used them will be subject to financial penalties.


The backbone of our club are our volunteers. Not only will your help will make the workload lighter for others, but your volunteering can contribute towards earning enough points to refund your volunteer levy at the end of the season.


Code of conduct

It is vital that everyone involved in sporting activities, whether they are athletes, coaches, parents, officials or supporters understand their responsibilities to ensure that all participants enjoy the sport. 

The code of conduct has been incorporated into our registration process and all members of our club including spectators and parents are to abide by these codes of conduct. Please take time to familiarise yourselves with these.  

All players, parents and spectators are bound by the rules of conduct of our club. A three strikes policy will apply, i.e.: 

  • Player Breach 1: sit out training session + 1 match suspension. 
  • Player Breach 2: sit out 2 training sessions + 2 match suspension. 
  • Player Breach 3: suspension until seasons end. 
  • Parental Breach 1: Exclusion from the next match. 
  • Parental Breach 2 or failure to comply with Breach 1 penalty: suspension from the club until seasons end.


Disciplinary policy

All players are to read the Football Queensland Disciplinary Policy. 

Any player who receives a fine under this policy is responsible for the financial cost of the fine. The fine is payable within 7 days of issue of an invoice from the Club. Any fines outstanding at this time will enact the No Pay - No Play policy. 

Should the player wish to appeal the fine to Football Queensland, they may do so, at their own cost. 

The Committee may in limited circumstances agree to pay the Football Queensland fine on the players behalf, as determined by the Disciplinary Committee.


Wet weather

Wet weather is something we cannot control. We do our best to ensure the fields are open as often as possible but will close them when wet weather threatens player safety or field sustainability.  

More information on our wet weather policy is available here.


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